Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mucho Yummy-o

It didn't take me long living in England to realize that finding decent Mexican food (I dare not say 'good') is akin to finding a Mexican hat-dancing chihuahua sitting in the House of Parliament. Since the mere mention of Mexican culinary delights sends me into embarrassing fits of salivation, I've had to whip up some simple items from time to time to stave off the cravings.

The photo above shows some staples I made last night for our burrito-fest: Mexican rice, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Those along with organic flour tortillas, Discovery Spicy Refried Beans and green jalapenos, yogurt (a healthy substitution for soured cream which is easier to find), and a bit of cheddar cheese, and we were well on our way to our own personal Mexican fiesta. If you haven't discovered Discovery Foods yet, they are definitely worth a look. Based in Buckinghamshire, UK, not only are their products tasty, but appear to be made from good, natural ingredients and free from horrible chemicals and additives. Margaritas would have been divine, but we managed with a nice bottle of red wine... and some Green and Black's, of course.


  1. sounds deeeeeelicious, is dan 100% veggie? do you guys ever eat chicken? i have some really amazing recipies for mexican taco/burrito stuffins that are chicken, oh oh oh......and a to die for fish stew that is actually a recipe from your buddy rick bayless super easy & super amazing yumminess, i KNOW you guys eat fish, i'll send it along

  2. Dan doesn't eat meat, but does eat fish ... and that's me pretty much too these days. Whoop! Your email with fish stew just popped into my mailbox! Thanks for that. I actually had a section written about Frontera for this post, but to be honest, their website is so cheesy (not in a delicious way) and tacky that I couldn't bring myself to include it! What a shame, they should sack their web designer and hire you!