Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bobble Hat

I got a real paycheck (read: totalling more than pocket change) yesterday for the first time in ages. This is being followed by my first whole weekend off since I started the new money-maker. We went to Royal Tunbridge Wells today, where I had every intention of spending some cash on frivolous luxuries ... but all I got was this silly hat. Dan's happy because I won't complain about being cold as much. In fact, I've been home for about an hour and I'm still wearing it. Sleeping with it on isn't out of the question, I might add...


  1. cute hats are essential & that one is super cute (especially on you)!

  2. love the hat! i need to buy a cute hat..hmm..

  3. i love your hat!
    and congrats on the fat cash.