Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sandwich and a little Deal

Today we went to Sandwich to take a walk and some photos. This was on the path of the town wall. You could smell this smoke from a long way off, and just to the right of this photo behind some bushes, we discovered a man burning his garden waste. Made for some interesting photos, and a smell in our clothes like we'd been to a bonfire party.

Mooring on the River Stour

Typical English rooftop and chimneys, seen from the Sandwich town wall.

I was enamoured by the shapes and colors of these. I'll remember all of the people walking past me wondering what on earth I was taking a photo of, with my face pushed up to the bushes, and a man telling his child "she sees something she likes".

After leaving Sandwich we went to Deal to see if we could find somewhere to have a little refreshment sit-down. After practically giving up and on our way back to the car, we found this cool little independent place called the Black Douglas, where Dan had a very strong "treacle-like" americano, and I had a very photogenic cup of apple and ginger tea.