Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm dangerously close to overstepping my self-imposed "at least once a week" blog post again, so I thought I'd share with everyone some really sweet gifts I've been given recently just for being me! It's so touching when someone just wants to give you something, for no reason in particular and with nothing expected in return. It's even nicer when you feel the need to exclaim with delight when you see what they have given you!  In order of the giving:

My talented (in many more ways than one)friend Alys presented me with this outstanding piece of work after I showed admiration for another not so traditional cross-stitch pattern she had created. To protect the innocent, the slightly (and of course obvious) censored version of the text was "F*ck The Dumb Sh*t." I thought it was brilliant and told her so. She immediately offered to make me one, but then said she could make whatever I liked. First of all, how sweet is that? Second of all, I decided to consult Dan to see what he might like hanging up in our lovely future Georgian home. After some deliberation ,(and nearly a domestic), he told me while driving around admiring the countryside one random weekend: "I had a thought about our gift from Alys. It's specific to us." or some such. On the edge of my seat I waited. "I say tomato, you say tomato" he said. I imagined it quickly in my visual mind. "But... it's spelled the ... PERFECT!" 

When pondering what I've just said, remember (or be newly aware) of the fact that I am originally from New York State and Dan is from England. Perfect. Just perfect. Thank you Alys... and those tomatoes you laboured over were not made in vain. :)

 At the end of a particularly stressful and generally rubbish week at the day job, my friend Claire came up to me midday to tell me "she bought me something." She had seen me admiring (read: squealing over)these adorable Ty Japanese Puzzle Erasers (erm, they call them rubbers here in the UK, but I just can't make that adjustment to my vocabulary willingly). We had three styles in and when I asked her which one she had gotten me she exclaimed "all three!" with a big, generous smile on her face (also part of the gift, in my opinion). SOOO cute! Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, she also bought me a bag of Percy Pigs, a particular indulgence of mine. I obviously don't have a personal photo of those because they were long gone VERY quickly. YUMMY! Sorry, Percy, but you're just so damned tasty! Thank you Claire, for making me feel valued and for noticing and nurturing my crazy quirks!

And last, but certainly not least: Dan gave this adorable pencil to me when he met me out the very same day of Claire's gifts! What have I done to deserve all of this? ... well, we mustn't question these things I suppose and just feel VERY GRATEFUL to be reminded that people are thinking of us. He acted as if he didn't know if I'd like it that much, (but he KNEW), and I DO! 

So probably needless to say, the erasers will never get rubbed and the pencil will never be sharpened, but the cross-stitch will certainly be hung and all enjoyed and appreciated immensely! Oh, and for the Percy Pigs? Well, they were certainly not the first, nor the last of their line and I enjoyed every bite! Let's just say they fulfilled their sweet destiny. Now to see to fulfilling mine...


  1. lol love the "tomato" cross stitch - priceless :)

  2. Fabulous gifts! I so want some of those erasers!

  3. Love the Tomato/Tomato cross stitch and the sentiment behind it.

  4. very nice.. :) :) and :) ..

    ..oh and by the way those rubber things that people wear over their shoes were, at least in our household, always called rubbers :/

  5. ..egg without the shell, just had to mention it :)

  6. Things come in threes - this time good ones x

  7. ha! Michael! No one's dared comment about the 'egg' except you!

    and yes Elizabeth, let's hope they are only good threes from here on out :)