Monday, March 28, 2011

Rabbit with Carrot

I seem to be accumulating cute things that I can surround myself with to make me smile. Is that odd?
Rabbit and Carrot | my dusty computer top
These are from a shop on the Rialto Bridge in Venice. It was SO hard to choose what little creature I would take home with me, and I fell in love with this rabbit (who looks vaguely deer-like) and couldn't resist the too-large carrot to go with him. The rabbit is about 15mm long from tail to nose. This pic leaves a bit to be desired, lighting not so great, but for the moment it will do!


  1. No - it isn't at all odd. You will probably remember your trip from looking at these long after you stop looking at photos of it.

  2. not odd .. and yes, deer-like