Friday, September 15, 2006

Flowers at Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle, Thousand Islands, NY. August 24, 2004.

Apparently the time it takes for me to conceive an idea and actually get around to doing something about it is 2 months. Two months ago today I thought I'd really like to get my own individual blog going. So I posted this photo to see how things looked, thought about it and thought about it (big mistake #1), stressed about what I might include here, as opposed to my private journal, as opposed to the blog I do with rae (big mistake #2). The reality is, there is no end to what I might write, post, describe, rant about. I make up the rules. I can post here, there and everywhere if I like. It's an illusion that makes me feel as if I might weaken all points if I don't focus on one. I could have 20 blogs. They could all be unique, or have similar aspects, or be very alike if I so choose. I might post these flowers on the other blog right now! Well, not really. But I could if I wanted to. That's the point. Then I worried about investing time into something that might just disappear in an instant - this irrationally based on an idea of the "instability of free things" (big mistake #3). Thing is, it's not likely that it will just disappear, and I can back it up if I'm really all that concerned anyhow. The trick is to either a) not be all that concerned or b) get off my butt and put backing it up into my routine. No excuses. The time is now.


  1. HELL YEAH, bring it on baby....
    more more more!!

    i was really inspired by this woman that i heard speak at the conference that i went to. she was talking about how she kept different journals for different things: one for personal, one for inspiration one for travel one for work (and so forth).

    i felt immeditely liberated. all of i sudden i realized that it was ok (more than ok) to have more than one. i had always felt somehow schitzofrenic and strangely guilty to have more than one.

    now i have 3-4 journals and 2 blogs, and there is usually plenty to go around

    keep it up chiquita!!!

  2.'s rants like this that let me know you're my sister..