Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday Walk

Yesterday, after three days of super-indulgent eating and drinking, Dan and I decided it might be nice to have a stroll somewhere and take some photos. It wasn't the worst of all days weather wise, but it was very cold, grey and dark which makes photo-taking somewhat of a challenge. We ended up driving to Dover, (as in White Cliffs of), and took a walk at nearby Samphire Hoe. The ground here is built up of the earth that was dug out to create the Channel Tunnel. All of the grassy ground you can see in the above photo, with the sheep on it, is from the Chunnel. Where the cliffs meet the shingle beach in the distance is the natural landscape. Other than losing the feeling in our fingers for a short time, it was a very pleasant walk. Dan spotted a bird that he, (and less remarkably I), had never seen which we think was a redstart. Of course, my favorite part was looking at the spray-painted sheep. They seemed to enjoy looking at us too.

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