Thursday, March 29, 2007

Melting Wonderland

I'm back from my (unannounced) week-long trip to Syracuse where I paid two freezing visits to one of my favorite places on earth, Green Lakes State Park. It was nice to be there while it was icy and cold because I don't really have many photos of it in that state. Unfortunately, on the two days I went out, the sun was playing hide and seek, and when it was grey everything went flat. So the photos I did get were stolen in the sunny moments, when everything seemed to come to life, sparkling and glistening as the sun was beginning to melt the layer of ice and snow that covered the ground.

I was on the red-eye flight home the night before last, which has left me with a rather nasty case of jet lag. I'm sure I have a few more pics to post, which I will when everything feels more like normal.

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