Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mini Shopping Spree!

We got some impromptu fun items on this rainy Sunday. The most frivolous is this Hitchcock Box Set for 25 pounds. Especially looking forward to watching Rear Window (how much do I want that movie poster? -- although something tells me I already had it... hanging in my rented blue room in Angel/Islington?) and Psycho with Dan who has admittedly not seen either! VERY exciting. Mom said that she couldn't shut her eyes in the shower for two years after seeing Psycho. Exactly.

We also bought two fab his/hers (not really) Samsonite carry-on luggage.

I claimed the brownish one. We got them for 60 pounds when they retailed at 150! Fantastic. Seeing as how my last suitcase bit the dust (go figure after I moved trans-Atlantic 3 times with my entire life enclosed.) So this will be good for long weekends etc. Talk about encouraging wanderlust with a single purchase.

And finally, I found a really nice wallet/change purse in a really rich dark bluey-green color with the cutest lining that I couldn't resist. I suppose I might have have to take a photo of this when I get a sec... if anyone is interested that is... * (okay, interest has been voiced so here it is!)*

The front of my new change-purse and the back showing it's fabulous lining. I love that lining! It's inside every little pocket bit there is... and there are a lot. The bottom flips open to expose four more pockets (one of them zipped) and 12 card slots for all of the credit cards I thankfully don't have.


  1. of course we want to SEE
    blogs are all about show AND tell!

    sounds like y'all had fun

  2. i like the hardshell suitcases!

    cute wallet too.