Monday, July 30, 2007

Off kilter, on track

Hmmm... realized I haven't posted in a while again. Time is flying when I'm not paying attention. Why this photo? I don't know really. Somehow it seems to speak to me. Something about the way the pole is wonky, off-kilter, yet exactly how it should be. Something about the brilliance of that object on a bleak pathway. Something about the way the bricks pull you toward something unknown, yet inviting and bright. Something that says something about my life now... and maybe my life always. Did I think this when I took the photo?... in Greenwich 2005? Maybe I felt it; I feel it now.


  1. Funny you should link wonky.
    I asume it's not a commonly used word in The States.
    They ( do however, fail to recognise that it can be as simple as being not straight/square/plumb..."it's a bit wonky, innit"

  2. They do say 'wrong' or 'awry' in one of the definitions... isn't that about the same?