Thursday, August 07, 2008


I've branched out! My very first attempt at making roti and it was a success! My sudden burst of bread making bravery is in large part thanks to this foodie blog which is where I got the recipe for the fab avocado/chillie/garlic roti. With some help from Manjula, it was easy peasy and delicious. I don't know how I found it; I think I was flailing around the internet world looking for ideas for my ever-elusive perfect rice muffins and this just caught my eye. The only thing I did differently was substitute red chillies for green because I had them on hand. Let's face it, if I see avocado and chillies I'm pretty much there (is it odd for these to be kitchen staples?). Here's the better part, as far as I can remember this is my first attempt at making any bread ever, full stop. I think they are a bit drier than they are supposed to be even after adding more water than advised, but I'll get that sorted for next time. Tasty nonetheless. My rice muffin quest is definitely yielding some unexpected and delicious ideas.

In the pic is my old standby of avocado/tomato salad and some soured cream that I never ever have in the fridge (because it's far too dangerous), but did because I cooked a load of Mexican food for some friends the other night. What is out of the picture is the leftover mixed red/black/basmati rice and quorn burger with cheese that was meant to be the main meal tonight. Sounds odd, I realize, but everything went great together. Then again, if you slapped some soured cream on an old leather shoe I'd probably eat it and grin.


  1. 'twas ace!
    thanks miss.x

  2. I'm so glad you tried the rotis and had good success with them! I was floored by their ease and taste, too. :) Thanks for linking my post as well!

  3. You're not alone...avocadoes and chillis are definitely my kitchen staples... xxx