Friday, January 21, 2011


I can't wait for spring when the tiny little lambs seem to appear everywhere and I melt on sight of any one of them... (a whole field of them is too much to even think about at this point in chilly January!) The thought of lambs, of course, leads to thoughts of wool and invariably these and the stash of colourful wool I have waiting to be used! I think I'm going to start felting again when I'm not feeling particularly inspired to play with photos or paint. I REALLY want to learn how to use a spinning wheel and am considering hand-spinning. I spent lots of time finding ethically-sourced merino wool and am really proud of that. It shouldn't be sitting in bags and my (ever so lovely) sewing box not being used. Also trying to decide if I should continue with TheWheelie shop and business name if I have anything to sell or incorporate them into Blackbird Experience. Any thoughts??

last week's sheep greeting...
are they trying to tell me something? | Sutton Valence


  1. not sure I understand the question, couldn't you do both? well my thought is yes, you should continue TheWheelie shop either way, and it's a good name

  2. ..and that's a really cute picture

  3. Thanks! -- Yeah I can do both, and I think there is something to be said for having separate names for separate things, but everything for me sometimes blurs into one ball of creativity. So even if I have two separate shop names, I might want to have everything under the umbrella of Blackbird Experience, and not have a separate blog. OH! So confusing! I think I even just confused myself!

  4. i think you can have it all under one umbrella if you want. if i ever get my act together, that's what i plan to do. crochet, printmaking, bookbinding, misc...

    for me i just don't want to have to maintain 2 accounts, just sounds like more work.

    although i wish i could change my etsy name!!

  5. yeah the etsy name thing is a drag... I fortunately found out about that before I poured too much into my initial screen name.

    One umbrella is good, but I think sometimes it gets confusing on etsy. We'll see. I was thinking The Wheelie can be a category or 'department' in BBE.