Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Consignment ... GO!

"Indie Cindy is Leeds’ freshest pop-up boutique-bazaar hoarding the best accessories, jewellery and gifts by our nation’s leading independent cult designers, illustrators and makers."

Why wouldn't I want to be in such company?? Right, no reason!

Just got notice that Indie Cindy in Leeds is officially opened, and carrying some of my products! If anyone out there wants to physically (or virtually) pop by to show your support, please do so!

Indie Cindy is the brainchild of one very sweet Rowan Grant, of Kitschen Sink, who contacted me a couple of months ago via Etsy. She asked if I would be interested in stocking some of my items in her brand new shop. The more I heard about what she was doing, the more I wanted to be a part of it! 

Visit Indie Cindy's blog HERE

Indie Cindy's Facebook page is HERE!

Blackbird Experience items currently held at Indie Cindy
High Quality Greeting cards of:  



... and archival prints of Musik Express 
and the Freak Show