Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Go Cat Go!

Sometimes when I go on to Flickr every now and then to explore my tags, I realize that some of the things I love the most in day to day life hardly represent in my photo collection. So odd! Food for thought, I suppose! Here are, amazingly, ALL of my photos tagged with "cat" to date. Bodega Cat is my second most viewed photo with 661 views so far! Still not sure how that happened... 

**for some reason the links on the pics aren't working, but only the ones from the captions...

Bodega Cat | Stoke Newington, London
Tom Cat | Sorrento, Italy
Wild Cat | Kent, UK
Under St. Francis | Sorrento, Italy
Malcheck | Kent, UK
Emma the Beautiful | Syracuse
Peek | Cagliari, Sardinia


  1. Meow, love 'em! Especially Emma and the St. Frances kitties.

  2. Cute kitties.

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