Wednesday, June 01, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things #1

1. Old Navy Flip-Flops in loads of colours. Only $1 a pair!! 2. Speedball rubber slab and lino cutting tools which will hopefully result in my very own rubber stamps soon! 3. An old fave I found hiding in a box. Who wouldn't like tiny kitty punches? 4. Wonky roofs and chimneys 5. My cuddly pals 6. Funny ol' mistake photos that end up looking really decorative 7. Iwako hamster erasers 
8. Gertrude  Hawk Dark Chocolate Raspberry Smidgens 
9. Sid the Sloth Pez dispenser


  1. I like the desciption... Didn't really look at the pictures until I saw that. Is one of those monkeys one that took a ride on the Thames when I was there? an

  2. YUP! The right-hand monkey is the very special one :)The left-hand one's actually a dog! (and there's a tiger that was adopted after the photo was taken too :)