Saturday, February 18, 2012

cherry stone love & a fox appears

I've been a bit out of commission the last few days. Long story short, I have a recurring neck/head problem that sometimes, well, rears its own ugly head and causes me to act a little less human and a bit more like a slab of meat that shouldn't move, lift, turn, sit, slouch, lean, look the wrong way lest the pain get worse -- and I don't want to know what's on the other side of that. Bed-ridden isn't where I want to be, so I've been leaning over my computer and my drawing pads/watercolour paper somewhat less this past week and spent the majority of yesterday on my back with my new best friend. What best friend you say? Well, as I write this, I have a my absolutely priceless Christmas gift from Dan draped around my neck ... the Opal London Stay-Warm Cherry Stone Thermal Neck Pillow (see left if you haven't noticed already). The best thing about it for me is that it's really solid if you push a lot of the stones into one compartment. Or even better, pile two of the sections on top of each other and lie on what is essentially then a hot pile of rocks. I'm aware this might be not so nice for some, but for my brand of complaint, it is absolutely perfect. Any of you who have seen me, in a moment of discomfort, jam my fingers or knuckles into the back of my neck might begin to understand. 

By the time early evening arrived yesterday I was positively bored out of my gourd with lying around, but I'm glad I did because I'm feeling a lot better today.

Things are looking up. Although I'm not 100%, a little fox managed to make his way to a bit of watercolour paper today...


  1. i wish i had a cherrystone, my neck has been giving me trouble lately!