Wednesday, February 08, 2012

one learning curve

Just a very simple idea, but man am I excited that my favourite monkey in the world (aka: mischievo) got me past the Adobe Illustrator wrapping of text! Yup, super simple, but if you don't know YOU DON'T KNOW! No, this isn't a final logo, a final bird or really a final anything. It's just the simplest idea that was right at the top of my head (including the colour circles from my sleepless hours). I could be wrong, but I'm finding Illustrator slightly counter-intuitive at the moment. In other words, ALL NEW and seemingly very little previous knowledge helps me out. Never mind! In a way, it's like a new adventure. I have lots of ideas in my head for prints etc. and I have the distinct feeling that finding my way through this forest might pay dividends. I could have done those little half-circles all night long... but my eyes are about to pop out of my head so I better not. ** I just realised the line below the circles is still there which I meant to remove. Soooo time for bed! :P


  1. I like the line under the circles, it kinda contains the whole thing.

  2. lol thanks. well if the line stays it certainly has to be neater! ... there would be something under the bird. It's by no means what the end result will be, but learning is learning!