Sunday, March 04, 2012

a few things around the house

1. brushes in a jar on my desk

2. a postcard of a portrait of Fanny, the beloved dog of Mrs. Soanes, which I picked up at the John Soanes Museum in London. If you haven't been there yet, GO! It's amazing, and free, but you'd be crazy to not want to give a donation  before you leave. The postcard is framed by a magnet of a red light house in Amsterdam and a sheep and lamb magnet I bought from Howlett's

3. a random blurry shot of some books in the bedroom. (L to R):

4. detail shot of the newest painting I'm working on

5. some early house-scapes and Official ♥ Graffiti photo in hall

6. La Chinata smoked paprika powder and other tins in the kitchen


  1. i totally read that wrong...for a second i thought you were sent a postcard by a dog!