Sunday, March 18, 2012

ideas & plant back to life

I'm very much at the risk of having more than a week go by without doing a post here... so forgive me if this is utterly boring, but I've basically grabbed what was right in front of me and took a few snaps! Above is some detail of a little piece that I've had lying around for a while (the plant of fish/plant/book mini-post) and couldn't decide what to do with. Since I've been painting on watercolour blocks, (pads of of paper that are sealed on all sides), when I have a painting sitting there doing nothing it's not such a good thing because I can't get to the paper below it until it's finished! I do have several blocks available at one time, but having anything sitting for too long makes me feel stagnant and unproductive. 
If you have no idea why I'd want to use a block of paper if it restricts me this way, well,  for me it's as simple as this: the sealed block relieves impatient artists like me the hassle and time constraint of stretching the paper before using. They are more expensive for the convenience, but I tend to be much more prolific without the nuisance of stretching, therefor value for money.
So, while I was sitting in front of my computer needing something to do during the multiple time-outs and pauses while watching Syracuse University beat Kansas State in the NCAA tournament, I started filling in dead space around the little plant and berries with pen and ink. I quite like the effect, and I'm now just deciding whether to go at it with watercolour again.

Above are two little snippets from my BBE ideas book -- (the moleskine squared notebook that I carry around with me to jot things down wherever I am). I definitely want to do something with the bunny idea, because it still makes me smile to see that little doodle. The triangle ladies will need some more thinking about, but that was one of those things that came to me in the middle of the night so I wanted to get it on paper.
Haven't gotten quite as much as I wanted to get done this weekend, but there's still time in the day yet! 

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