Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lentils and Fridge (& Rat) Part II

I knew I had done this before, and when searching I realised there is in fact Lentils and Fridge Part I  from August last year! ... and some more lentil goodness in Cold Salad Supper from November 2006! I guess it's the sunshine and (gradually) warming weather which has inspired me to whip up a huge batch of lentils and... well... whatever I could find that needed using. There are a lot of shared ingredients in this salad as the one last year, but it's also very different. I've bothered to take a photo so just humour me! I won't be as fussy with listing the recipe, but do try it! It's so yummy and so healthy, and seriously even better after sitting over night.

  • green lentils
  • speckled dark green lentils
  • chana dal (I usually use this brand)
Soak for many hours and cook all of these until tender. Pop in a big bowl after rinsing and straining.
  • chestnut mushrooms
  • white onions
  • salt and pepper
  • smoked paprika 
  • dried basil
cook these separately in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and allow to cool.
  • snap peas
  • mange tout
  • radishes
  • fresh basil
  • cherry tomatoes
  • raw almonds chopped
  • pistachios chopped
  • chipotle adobo (Discovery now offers this Chipotle Paste which is very exciting indeed. I think we found it at Waitrose). Now be careful, it is very spicy so don't let the small bottle size fool you.
  • olive oil (as much as you fancy)
  • smoked paprika (lots more!)
  • balsamic vinegar (tad more to taste)
  • salt and pepper

  1. The lovely lentil salad I've just described
  2. Some red beans I found in the cupboard. I've set them soaking for use tomorrow.
  3. Red lentils that didn't make it into this salad.
  4. Cap to the pickle jar that contains the red beans. I only point this out because there is a smiling dill pickle on that cap and for good reason: these pickles are the best we've managed to find in regular grocery stores here.
  5. Part of my collection of fab restaurant grade Syracuse China.
  6. Rapidly depleting basil plant.
  7. Now here's the clincher and it doesn't really go with a food post at all: This spot looks harmless enough, at the base of our bird table which I just stocked with new bird food. This is where we saw a rat just after I took this photo! Now granted, there are fields behind that fence there and it's not your average nasty city rat, but still not altogether pleasant. So we cleared all the bird food from the bottom of the bird table, I spread some cayenne around the holes he (or she) was coming from in hopes that a little nose (snout?) sting would act as a deterrent it and I can confidently tell you HE IS STILL THERE MAKING A PICNIC OF IT AS I WRITE THIS. 
Who knew? Lentils, fridge & rat.

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