Friday, April 20, 2012

sloth bear meets bird

What it says on the tin, really. I think sloth bear is done...with the small (very small) addition of a little bird. I didn't really want to mess with bear too much because I liked his rough quality (and sweet disposition). I did realise that my memory put his nose kind of out of shape, but I still like how he looks and  it just makes me want to experiment more. Dan said the bird looked a little bit stuck on, to which I responded ... "well he is"! I didn't want to complicate the bird too much. Simpler the better, and every time I put my brush near him again I felt like I was in danger of ruining the whole thing. Good time to stop. I sent these off on an order for cards last night, and I played with the colour digitally to see what the resulting cards would look like. The green is the original watercolour wash... the orangey pink was changed by the magic of the computer. Kind of crazy, that. I'm not entirely sure about this example, but I do like the idea of playing with colours digitally for prints and cards. What do you think? 

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