Friday, June 15, 2012

painting catch up to now

no place like home - no. 4
10" x 7" watercolour & ink
no place like home - no. 5
approx. 6" x 4" watercolour & ink
no place like home - no. 6
approx. 6" x 4" watercolour & ink
The continuation of the No Place Like Home series. Apologies for being so absent ... and for lack of words to accompany these pictures. Would love to hear what you think of the latest additions though! 


  1. Ooooh - I really like No. 5! Do you have any pictures of everything hanging in a collection or showcase? I think that would be inspiring.

  2. Also - I drove through Syracuse on my way to and from Saratoga Springs last weekend. How does someone from Syracuse say "syracuse"? Actually, how does someone who hasn't moved away to England who is from Syracuse say "Syracuse" (I have a feeling your accent has evolved...)

    "SARAH Cuse" or "SEARa Cuse" (like the Sears tower)

    I've heard both in these parts, but everyone speaks a little funny out here.

  3. Thanks Molly... no, I don't have a pic of them showcased... as that would require buying frames and nailing them to walls... I do get your point though. Very valid!

    I always said SEARaCuse and the SARAH variety would ever annoy me... but people do pronounce it that way... mostly on TV :P

    Yes, I think my accent has probably changed... everyone likes to remind me when I visit the States, but people here still here the yank in me. :)

  4. I like #4 the best :)

    Good to see you're back on the blogging train too ;)

  5. lol albeit a little bit lazily! :) thanks!