Sunday, August 19, 2012

There's an Elephant in the Room

Call it what you will. I haven't made a blog post in two weeks. Sometimes I find blog-land to be very deceptive, or at least seemingly so. It can be a real downer if you choose to measure yourself up instead of being inspired. You see countless talented people, creating away, managing successful businesses and  busy families, often at the same time. You read about people creating more awe-inspiring pieces in one week then you have managed for half a year, and they seem to be doing this while enjoying a fabulous social life and receiving a fat pay check to boot -- not to mention maintaining a seamlessly consistent blog documenting the ride. I've wondered more than a few times how these people manage to sleep, or how they must be slave to gadgets and their audience when there's nearly always an artsy snap shot for public viewing to document even a romantic dinner. But I haven't delayed a blog post because of these things, it just seems to happen sometimes. Life throws a few curve balls and when you resurface you realise all the balls you were juggling so well are waiting there by your feet to be picked up again. And it often feels like you've dropped a few too many steps back. I cringe whenever I find myself writing this blog topic again, this one about not having written one. Ultimately it means those juggling balls have in some way or other hit the ground once again. Practise makes perfect. 


  1. perseverance in the face of discouragement

  2. and an elephant floating in ... ?? :)

  3. ...tri-coloured sea!! :D
    Obviously it's an Irish elephant ;)