Sunday, November 18, 2012

Early Bird no.1 & Late Autumn House

Determined to get some headway today, I managed to come up with three possible designs for prints. The Early Bird no. 1 has had a final touch-up and I came up with two lovely colours to try out at the printer tomorrow: what I'll call "dunkin' egg yellow" and "soft green". I'm really happy with them, and I hope they reproduce well. 

I also whipped up a simple little ditty called Late Autumn House. The illustration started with the tree in the forefront. I saw a similar tree at Howletts last week that has stuck in my head ever since... with one tiny little yellow leaf holding on for dear life at the end of each branch.


  1. totes amaze balls :D

  2. I love this :)

  3. You have some nice representation going on here.

    1. Thank you! Sorry for the late response. Didn't realise your comment was 'awaiting moderation' :)