Saturday, January 25, 2014

week 3 in sketches 2014


20/1/14 (perhaps not the best of days?)
21/1/14 (moo-se?)
24/1/14 (date on this one is wrong! Changed after pic taken) 
25/1/14 (dreaming of pondweed)

Soooo by this time next week (hopefully by this time tomorrow) my studio will be mostly set up and I can share some photos. I was thinking about taking a few to show the 'in progress' stages, but honestly it looks like a bomb went off in here, so I'm going to put that off a bit until it's just ever so slightly less embarrassing.

I will say I have two new lamps to make sure I never stop working because of lack of light. I have an actual work table which will hopefully also fit my scanner. I think what I might be lacking are some creative storage solutions for my supplies -- but there's always Muji for that! I'm sure I'll think of something.

Back to table (re)assembly. (Silly Ikea

sent me a faulty part so I had the (dis)pleasure of going there on a Saturday afternoon with the ever-present Ikea vacuum sucking money from my pocket.) I have entertained the idea that they might very well put faulty bits into cheapish Internet orders so people are all but forced to going to their stockpile of material temptation. Astoundingly, their wait time for email response was a whopping 11 days (seriously, I could get hit by a bus in that time) -- and the phone wait ridiculous. Ah well, a few more things to inspire me in my new space.

Stay tuned... and share this site with your friends (and enemies if you like. enemies are fine too --  or at least generally interesting).

Oh, and here's me. 


  1. Cool as ever. Especially liking the moose horns. You could kinda go Escher with those ;)

  2. love it! :) i like the creatures & geometric patterns!