Thursday, November 16, 2006

If you don't smile, seek medical help

Bookmark this site for when you're having a terrible day. Don't ask, just scroll. Continuing to the bottom is highly recommended for those particularly stubborn doldrums. Two doses rarely necessary, but couldn't hurt. There's no ceiling on cheerfulness.

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  1. hi Ned!!

    ..well I'm not too embarrassed to say that this is officially the first time I've ever done anything with that mysterious techno-thingy that people do called a blog.. I mean, isn't it a tad bit ironic or at least inappropriate to call a non-blogger a nerd? ..this coming from a guilty myspace nerd-o-saur.. although I'm yet to blog on that..

    well I love those photos of the shoreline, really beautiful ..and your description of the area is beautiful too, every time I think of it it makes me think you live in a movie somehow.. jealously I write..

    bagpipes? large blurry shapes coming out of the water? ok, you're not in Scotland, I know.. but.. pirate ships maybe? ..just a little one? Kevin Spacey? I'm sure I saw something with him in it in Newfoundland or something.. England, England, c'mon now.. ok, maybe that scene from Quadrophenia where we find out that Sting is a big loser.. I'm sure if you were more inland I'd be convinced that you lived in the secret garden.. how sheltered .. uggh

    anyway I'm glad you ventured into the world of blog-nog this holiday season, it'll give me something fun to do too.. especially now as I pull the all nighter half of a double shift where absolutely nothing is going on beyond the occasional small child wandering sleepily out for water or the bathroom as I sit busily typing on the office computer ..working hard, very hard..

    talk to you soon, love you lots..