Wednesday, December 06, 2006


London. August 26, 2006

A relatively recent fave that I thought I'd share. I was enamoured with this eccentric couple who were sitting across from where Dan and I were enjoying our cappuccinos. I couldn't stop snapping their photo, but it was the unexpected entry of a passerby that sealed the best shot.


  1. that's an interesting photo, the passerby has quite the eccentric looking hairdew.. musician? movie producer perhaps? artist maybe?

  2. Ha! You said "hair DEW"! Hee hee.

    Um, yeah, I think he's pretty distinctive looking. Never know, he might be famous. This was very near Covent Garden so he could do anything really. My guess of the moment is classical musician...

  3. ..yeah, I was thinking classical musician too, I could see that.. and hairDEW is what your hair does after drinking a case of Mountain Dew, and in the case of the guy sporting said dew I'd say it looks rather appropriate..