Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boot Fair!

Dan and I went to a boot fair this morning before the heat set in. It's meant to be 30° and cloudless today, and that feels very hot around these parts! Despite the fact that I wore sandals like an idiot and at first was so busy dodging sheep poop that I had trouble concentrating on the goods, we managed to leave with a few treasures. 

The first thing I spotted was a table filled with balls of wool, buttons and plenty of knitting needles. I managed to get this bundle of double pointed needles for 30p! I was hoping to find a variety of wooden or bamboo needles, but most of what they had were metal or plastic. Who knows what might have been there waiting if we got there first thing! I already have some metal ones of this type, but am hoping there are a couple different sizes in there. I paid significantly more for one set at the craft shop, so I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't grab these. "The Lot" makes me smile.  I also bought a chunky pair of wooden needles (which you can see in the pic below). I think they were supposed to be 50p. I just gave her £1 and felt like I got away with something.

 At a table just across the way was an assortment of wool so I scurried (or maybe just walked) over to have a look. Now, normally I am ridiculously shy at boot fairs. If someone tries to haggle with me on a price I get all squirrely and can feel my face start to flush. I guess I just like the buyer and the seller to get a fair price and let that be the end of it!  A little old lady (my favorite type of seller by far) came over and asked me if I was interested in the wool. 

When I said I might be, she paused and gave some serious thought to what she was going to say, then told me the large spools would be £2 and the "small" balls £1. That small ball has a LOT of wool on it too. Now, even poorest quality wool in the shops costs more than this (and in much smaller quantities), so I certainly thought this was a good price. Perfect: no need to haggle, both happy, and I was on my way. I'm sure both of these are partly acrylic, but they look and feel nice and will be washable!


While I was giving my pennies away to old ladies, Dan made friends with an old gent who was selling some garden plants. We actually went out primarily to find some chili plants, so this was a result!  

1. habanero (yippeee!)

2. sweet chili 
   (of some sort)

3. two cherry tomato   

4. three sweet pepper 
   plants in one pot!


  1. Sounds like a great day. Coincidently, we're expecting about exactly the same weather here in Massachusetts, USA. I'm curious as to why it is called a Boot Fair.

  2. yes, why is it called a boot fair? looks like you found some nice things, though i don't know the currency rate since like PP i'm in Massachusetts, USA too! Love the close up of the wool w/color in it.

  3. Here's what a boot fair is:

    and I got all of those things for about $10 :)

  4. YAY PEPPERS!!! we have some jalepenos, but i have low expectations.

  5. Thank you for the explanation of the Boot Fair. Wish I could find something as relatively casual in the U.S., I guess 'garage sales' would be the closest. Great pics in the blog! They really are wonderful. Good luck with the plants,especially the peppers. Yum

  6. don't exactly have a green thumb, but I'm relatively certain there are lots of chiles in our future at least! :)

  7. Looks like you got some great stuff! Yes. I hate haggling. I just want to hand over my money and get my stuff and if I didn't think it was a fair price I wouldn't buy it!
    I have to admit I was pondering the road that led something like this being called a "boot fair" - makes total sense seeing as it's coming out of the boot of a car. Of course I was also thinking I have no clue why our version should be called something as horrific as a flea market. Ew.

    Good luck with the plants! I LOVE peppers (sweet ones) and haven't had much luck with mine the last few years. Hoping this year they do better.