Saturday, July 02, 2011

To-Do list

In an effort to give myself a break and stop worrying about all the stuff I "should" be doing and enjoy and appreciate the things I am doing, I made myself a relatively simple to-do list yesterday. morning. ** yesterday was, I think, Wednesday, but Blogger was down and it's taken me this long while working the day job to get this post posted! ** Suffice it to say, "should" is one of my least favorite words in the English language, and I do try to fight against it when I'm aware I'm succumbing to it.

On my list:

1. Nettles: There was a ever-growing family of stinging nettles getting out of hand on the right side of our garden that got to the point of actually blocking the path on the way to the bird table (gasp!) Nettles simply don't let themselves be ignored. I tried, but it didn't work. So I went to town on them in the midday sun, and I'm happy to say the area is now nettle-free (although still not altogether pretty!) and I only sustained two minor stings! This last bit is definitely an achievement because it seems like you could be wearing a coat of armor and they'd still manage to get you somehow.

2. Re-pot plants: The plants we got from the boot fair last weekend definitely needed re-potting immediately. They were in the tiniest little pots and their roots were desperately trying to get out the bottoms! This is one of those funny kinds of chores that I will put off for ages, but once I start getting dirty I really enjoy it. It occurred to me yesterday that if we owned our own place I could really get stuck in to some gardening. Something to look forward to in the future...

3. BBPhoto: That's scribble code for Blackbird Photo. A doofy blackbird was getting ecstatic on the edge of the deck the other day, with its mouth hanging open... and then it began to SING. I grabbed my camera and got a couple of shots through the kitchen window before it flew off. I was going to try to use one of them for my banner on here, but wasn't super happy with how his face was shaded. Any opinions?
4. Marlowe: I kept meaning to look up the Marlowe Theatre online to see about an upcoming production of Top Hat, apparently the first ever stage production of what used to be one of my all-time favourite Fred Astaire movies. Slightly cautious of disappointment, but I think I might take the risk! Stay tuned...

5. Howlett's: Was briefly thinking about taking the train to the sto near our favourite conservation park (read: zoo, but without all the nasty bits) and getting their free peak season shuttle bus into the park. Dan and I go all the time when we're off together, and I wondered what it would be like to go on my own. The task on my list was simply to look into the option, and as it turned out that's as far as it got! ... but now I know, for future reference.

6. Video for Monkey: I really didn't think I'd be brave enough to complete this item, but towards the end of the day (evening really) after I'd treated myself to a vodka and diet pepsi, I took out my Ricoh, set it to video mode, and ventured out to the deck in the garden where my newly potted plants were to show my great friend Monkey (aka MONKEY) the work I had done. Sorry, but this video was for her eyes only! ... but I did it, that's what counts right?

7. Blog: and this final item was to do a blog post, and as was mentioned before, it's taken a few days to complete it!

All's well that ends well... ?


  1. Vlog tease! Yay for blogger being cooperative and letting this be posted!

  2. :) thanks! Sorry about the vlog--- but really, I don't think you'd want to see it!! (but if was on my list so I had to mention it!!)

  3. hey MONKEY! that's ME!!! :D xoxox

    i hope you guys get tons of pepper-licious peppers!

  4. The plants actually look like they are sighing in relief - happy to be in larger pots. ^_^

  5. I love that you got the shot of this beautiful bird singing. If you're not happy with the photo, try adding a slight texture to it..but I do love it. :) ~Mary