Monday, January 01, 2007

Clowes Wood

Today we went for a short walk in Clowes Wood, an area we often drive by and say "we really should go in there", but never seem to find the right time. It's between here and Canterbury and so we pass it quite often. This has been going on for six months now. Finally today, being bright and sunny, was the day. Clowes Wood is part of the larger Blean Woods from what I can tell. We'll have to go back and explore further when it's not quite as cold. Note to self: it's sunny in Antarctica too. Below are a few peaks at what we saw.


  1. I love the bottom left're fast becomming my favorite photographer ..what is the maroon colored thing in the bottom right of that photo?.. and the reddish bits on the tree?

  2. Hi Mike -- ahhh... now that sounds like a challenge! Thing is, I have so many photos I would like to share, so that's why I keep putting kind of random ones up (although these were obviously on a recent trip) and your comments are motivating me even more!

    The maroon colored thing is a kind of crumpled up leafy thing pretty much the same as the upper right-hand photo.

    The reddish bits on the tree are just colorations of the bark. I took it because it did look like it had a lot of shades in it... and the mossy green added to that.The close-up shot and the light on it help the vibrancy I think. Of course, your monitor might be making it look even more so...