Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kent County Blizzard 2007

My Front Yard. February 8, 2007.

It seems that I was living in a parallel universe with residents of Oswego County, New York late this week as simultaneously disastrous snowstorms occurred both there and in the UK. My corner of Kent County was bludgeoned with a blizzard unlike any in recent memory on the morning of Thursday February 8, 2007. As can be seen from my harrowing illustration above, there was a small reprieve in the onslaught during the heaviest point in the storm to allow me to risk my own personal safety and snap this shot out of my front door. Despite the estimated snowfall of 2-3 inches in my area during morning rush hour, I bravely took my life into my own hands and ventured out. Although having to travel a staggering 5 miles, I managed to make it to work with the help of a bus that I was no less than shocked to see arrive virtually on time. Surely those in Oswego should stop moaning. I don't even have wellies.

(By the way, after you surpass the average height of a human by well over a foot, shouldn't you stop measuring precipitation in inches??)

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