Monday, July 21, 2008

Big News and Material Smile Enhancers

EXTRA EXTRA!!The big news of the week: I have become an aunt for the 7th time to a little button who remains nameless still. Danny and Lisa don't seem keen on the name, but I think she'll always be little Jane (Doe) to me. This is the card that Dan and I bought her yesterday in London. I thought it would be a spesh overseas item, but upon closer inspection realised it was printed in Canada! ... all with 100% post-consumer recycled paper and veggie ink. So it's going the long way round back to New York, but still a wise (not to mention cute) buy.

I've had the same address book from some time in the 80's (with tell-tale signs of silver buckle and black leather) thoughtfully given to me by Jon, and although it has been much loved, it was long overdue for replacing with something altogether more modern, less gloomy, and fun. The fact that cross-outs and scribbles outnumbered current entries by about 20 to 1 (conservatively), that new entries were pushed to several letters ahead for lack of clear space, and that there were people over five years deceased present in the pages left little in the way of arguments for keeping. I'm tempted to take photo-documentation of the marvel that is it's current state, but I'll have to decline to protect the innocent (and/or dead). My last attempt to update seems to be the addition of the "2000 weekly planner" that I didn't actually plan anything out of except a week's attempt at jotting down my initial agenda from my first days at LSE ... and let's face it, there are people in there I've forgotten I ever knew. So after spending an unidentifiable amount of time passively searching for the perfect replacement, I came across this little gem by Sukie at what has rapidly become one of my favorite shops in London (incidentally also where we found the card above). Okay, granted, the old boy is still sitting here on my desk, but these sort of separations don't just happen overnight...

And finally ... if anyone out there can't see the beauty that is Muji, well ... go back to the corner and have a think until you come to your senses. The one problem I find, however, is that I want to buy EVERYTHING and not just ONE THING. Kind of like when you find a pretty jumper on a rack of a million colors, but when you try to pick just ONE color, nothing looks right because it's just not the same when removed from the beautiful kaleidoscope before you. Anyway, I figure with time I'll get over this. Yesterday's start: the purchase of the much needed and therefore not frivolous "masque de repos". What they inexplicably don't show you in the catalogue is the fantastic strap on the back that goes around your ears. Yup, no more wake-inducing slidey slidey of the usual single strapped uselessness of most sleeping masks... And then there's the little bit of extra jersey fabric just above the nose to keep out a touch more oh-so intrusive morning sun even through the thick cloud cover of, let's face it, a lot of days. Did I mention the fab little bag? (Okay, I realise that curtains are an option, but we just can't seem to make that step a reality). There you have it.

Welcome back to my blog. It's threatening to be more self-indulgent than ever.


  1. ..that little monkey picture IS cute!!

  2. w00t! mary's bloggin' again!! like the monkey (of course).

  3. well G & I have been threatening to buy curtains for our bedroom for 4 years now. I fear we may be too scared to sleep in the dark if we get them now.

  4. Hmmm... interesting thought. There might be something to that... (although I have to say, I quite enjoyed the masked darkness this morning!)