Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rice and Ting

Dan and I went to London on Sunday, and one of the many nice things about the day was the discovery of a delicious rice-based bread/muffin something-or-other that we bought for a nibble. Thing is, this was so dense (and heavy) that you could hardly call it bread, despite it being in the shape of a muffin. It would do fine as it's own main course with a salad for dinner. Anyway... I was (and am) determined to come close to reproducing it. We had a basil variety that day, but it seems like I could pretty much go to town using any ingredients at all, once I figure out how to make the base. My first attempt was on Monday... and this was the result:Rice - YES
Heavy - YES
Yummy - YES
Close to what we had - AT THE ASS-END OF THE BALLPARK

So I'll keep trying... all in all it wasn't a half-bad first attempt, I suppose. I basically overcooked some rice, mixed in some chopped cilantro, red onion, olives and a bit of hard cheese, mashed it all up with my hands, packed it into balls and baked.


  1. sounds really intriguing!

  2. They were REALLY good -- once I figure it all out I'm sure you will see the results on here! (and possibly all the stages along the way) :)

  3. hurry though cos im hungry :P