Monday, April 20, 2009

Chili, chilli, chile ... as long as it's tasty

Aaahh progress! Lovely day this time... warm and sunny. See that bowl up there? That's the sign of a novice... it's my large kitchen mixing bowl. At least it makes for a pretty picture.

So today I re-potted the chillies, as well as the sweet peppers, and sowed the seeds of some swiss chard for germination inside. Now I can sit back and wait...
(while also panicking about anything else I might grow and whether I will be doing it too early or late, weighing up whether it's best to grow seedlings indoors or sow them directly outside after realizing I've used 'heavy' compost for the swiss chard seeds instead of the presumably 'lighter' seed mix, getting the now flowering tomato plants into the grow bags in some part of the garden, buying canes and ties, organic tomato feed, and nets for birds, stockings for tomato clusters, and anything else I can think of to prepare for the probable onslaught of slugs, hungry birds and mischievous neighborhood cats. That and a few thousand other things that I haven't thought of or learned yet.)

You know, pretty much just relaxing.

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  1. there is so much to learn! i have 2 huge books about food gardening in the NW & i haven't really cracked either one of them yet.