Friday, April 17, 2009

You Say Tomato

It's a horribly rainy, cold day here in lovely Kent... but I thought a little discipline would do me some good -- so I managed to re-pot the cherry tomato plants bought at a 'local-ish' farm shop into bigger (albeit not big enough) pots for the time being. Then I potted my little plum tomato seedlings into their new little homes. I know, I said 'homes'. Yes, they are just little green bits, but they are damned cute if I do say so myself, and I reared them from seed. (Oh shut up) Is it possible to get attached to a seedling? Anyway... all of it feels very productive and it was a lot more fun than I had anticipated. This is despite the fact that I was squatting (danger danger!) down in the dimly lit garage to do it because it was raining cats and dogs outside. I've got my eye on Monday now, when it will hopefully be sunny and I can re-pot some chili and sweet pepper seedlings that Dan brought home the other day. This I plan on doing at the comfort of the picnic table -- the searing pain in both of my knees and subsequent ibuprofen gulping has reminded me that squatting is not my friend, under any circumstances.

And there you have it, my first 'real' foray into gardening... so far so good.


  1. i wish we were that far along! we have no idea what we will be planting or if we will even get to the planting stage this season.

  2. I hope u r not 2 attached when it is time 2 eat!!