Monday, July 19, 2010

Blackbird Experience on Etsy is officially launched!!

Find my very first listing on Blackbird Experience at Etsy here!

Spent virtually all day going through the nitty gritty of actually starting, and I swear I could now:
A. Drop dead from fatigue (or at least go unconscious for about 8 hours or so).
B. Do a little dance and have a mini-fiesta in celebration.

Seeing as how I have to be to the day job in the morning I'm going to:
C. combine the two: do a little dance and then lie down to sleep knowing I'm on my way!

By the way, Greasemonkey is my own personal savior. I will quickly add another identical item in the morning before work with their handy-dandy "copy listing" script. Seriously, a real time-saver for all those who love listing on Etsy.

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