Wednesday, July 28, 2010

garden morning

Decided I needed some fresh air today to clear my head and take a break from everything running around inside. First thing, I set to work pulling out the many weeds that have sprung up in our front garden, and when I finished there, I started on the back. It's far from done, but at least I feel like something was accomplished. Yesterday, when I took a photo of the poppy below at the back of the garden, it cooperated so much that I thought I might return the favor and separate it from the stinging nettles growing nearby. The nettles, of course, weren't so friendly. No matter how careful I think I'm being, I always manage to get quite a few nasty stings. Nevermind! The nicest surprise today was to find two tiny little frogs hiding in the corner! Cute little guys, about the size of my pinky fingertip. I tried to get some photos, but I doubt they came out very well. If I did get something, I'll post it here. Off to hang some washing over my newly mowed lawn!

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