Saturday, July 31, 2010


I'm taking a step back from listing new items in my shop until I calibrate my computer monitor. (Read: ICKY TECHNICALITIES!!) The prints I've gotten have been pretty good (the ones I've listed have been anyhow), but there are slight differences in the colours that I see when I'm post-processing and what come back to me, some of which I'm not too happy with. So, I want to hold off listing more items until I know for absolutely certain the final product on my screen is the one I will hold in my hand! The colours on my monitor will almost inevitably vary from those of my potential customers, so I think it's VITALLY important that I'm consistently knowledgeable about the colours represented in my prints. Once I get this sorted, I'm hoping to get new items listed fast and furious!

Etsy Treasury curators are loving the SUCCULENTS which is so fantastic. Today I've been included in a Kent-based treasury which I'm so pleased about because it connects me to those that are just on my doorstep from the Etsy community! Thanks to kidacollective for finding me, supporting my shop and making me aware of other shops based in the Garden of England!

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  1. ach - I hate monitors. I spent ages wondering why everybody else's photos were so'll guess what was really going on? Yep, mine were too light :-( but looked fine on my screen.