Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hooray for days off!!

I have five days of from my day job starting today, and although I have some prior engagements (fun ones at least!), it will certainly give me some time to shape up some more photos to list on Etsy. Going to list the full size OH BABY now, but I'm planning on getting some of the photos which rated well with my Facebook Photo Feedback Project listed before long. I'm hoping that more people will start following this blog and my BBE Facebook page so I can meet some of these lovely people hovering around the shop, get some feedback, and become a more active part of the amazing crafty network out there!

Yesterday SUCCULENTS was listed on the Etsy Treasury Flower Garden by Silver Bloom Jewellery. Thank you Leanne!

In an unrelated note, my Invisible Man (also know as they other half) has suggested I start listing things that catch my eye and get me excited for one creative reason or another. I am quite the fan of the printed page and am a buyer by day, so a lot of these things might be books that have made me light up for one reason or another. However, I plan on spending a lot of free time now browsing (and fingers crossed once I get a bit of extra money coming my way) buying on Etsy so will feature anything that catches my eye from there as well!

I've bought three pairs of lovely earrings from
LuzDesigns on Etsy including the cute danglies shown here: I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival! Have a look at her shop. She has all sorts of cute designs and loads in stock to choose from.

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