Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Okay, well in a very loose sense the difficulties I've been having are technical. The lack of calibration is certainly technical and I really don't want to list new items until I get this printing stuff sorted. I've set Friday to finally get that going, and hopefully it will only take me one go. Don't want to lose total momentum, of course. A bit of illness and completely unrelated time complications have set me off track a bit, but I'm so eager to get a good range of photos on Etsy!

Meanwhile, I posted the photo below on Flickr. The old Rio in Dalston. Made me reminisce about the old hood and the countless times I'd walked by that spot, head up and wits about me, smell of char-grilled Turkish food in the air, the off-licence opposite the entrance with it's enticing fruit stand and cheap goodies, the animal print seating in the old sticky floored screening room and the many many times I told myself "I should go see that" and didn't.

Rio | Dalston

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