Friday, December 03, 2010

Painting again

Inspired by a conversation with a new friend, I thought I'd start listing things I create again, as I create them. Some I might not like as much as others, and like the painting below, many will be works still in progress (with a few touches needed here or there). Of course, all are part of this process of creation, a process that I am learning to enjoy in and of itself, regardless of the result. I love the fact that these little paintings reflect a style, more and more, that I can call my own. This is one of two little paintings I did today, and it is the first time snow has appeared on the rooftops. There's a foot of the stuff out in the garden, which is unusual in my experience living in the UK. I might be a minority here as I was back in New York, but I love it in a way that's hard to describe.


  1. Thank you! Hoping to be more with it come the new year as far as posting more...

  2. well thank you! I will certainly be doing a LOT more. As soon as I catch my breath from the holiday madness, that is. :)