Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the mess to the left

One of my very best friends and I are starting a private blog to help us keep in better touch with each other. She lives in Seattle and I'm out here in the UK so we're a whopping 8 hours apart! I posted my first contribution to the blog, showing her one of the first things I saw this morning: namely the mess to the left of me when I sat down at my desk.

The lovely view from here. I should have put my finger on the tab button...
  1. my dslr
  2. an old note from Dan
  3. The Big Sleep mug containing what's left of my green tea with pineapple
  4. an old photo of my grandmother and a friend powdering their knees by train tracks
  5. pens: some for writing, some for drawing, and a pair of scissors
  6. a handmade dolly from a friend
  7. Muji acrylic container
  8. a list of photo file names - some for printing potential christmas cards that never materialized.
  9. Muji recycled card press-out giraffes
  10. note pad with a work flow plan for getting my photo files in order (yet to be started)
  11. a business card from Panna II Indian Restaurant in NYC
  12. deck of special cards
  13. the back side of a scrap of paper that I wrote down the name of a possible organic farm to get a veg box from, and a rough recipe for green drinks
  14. pile of files containing work related stuff: receipts of expenses etc.
  15. deceptively bright looking outside peeking in. It's a dark, gray and rainy day out there.

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  1. This is a great idea! I had this on my to do list with a wall in my studio and you just inspired me to get to posting it. You should do this on the regular! -Jessica (