Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things I Organized Neatly #1

Alright, just after my post about the mess on my desk I discovered through a facebook post of a friend a very interesting site called Things Organized Neatly. Coincidence you say? Well, these days I acknowledge synchronicity wherever it might seem to appear and try to learn something from it.

So, I've gone and organised a few things of my own (namely, 36 felt deer) and gotten some real pleasure out of it, despite its simplicity! I'm going to submit the result to the website and see if it makes the cut.

Deary Me, I've organised something!


  1. Congratulations Mary. You have just joined the Balanced Brain Society ... a little bit of right-brain (creative) thinking, a little bit of left-brain (analytical) thinking ... stir it all together and "SHAZAM!" (as Goober used to say)... you are centred!

    Bob Fisher, The Philosophical Traveller

  2. haha! Is that all I had to do? Hello and welcome Bob! Thanks for looking!