Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lentils and Fridge Part 1

I stayed home sick today (sinusitis that just won't give up -- lack of cooperation from the NHS coupled with a dreadfully disfunctional air conditioning system at the day job are seriously not helping). Was starting to feel bored this afternoon (a good sign, no?) and remembered Dan requesting I make little batches of different lentil salads like I used to quite often. I got into the habit of making these monster (and I mean MONSTER) batches to last us all week which ends up taking me a lot of time to prepare and a crazy amount of ingredients. Next time I make one, I'll have to document it here.  Today, while feeling rather fragile, I thought I'd whip up something much more simple, and it tastes fab! I don't often pay attention to the amounts much. It's hard to get wrong, really.

The parts:
  • speckled dark green lentils 
    • soaked and boiled for about 6 mins (until tender)
  • chana dal - I use this brand usually
    • soaked and boiled for about 5 mins (until tender)
  • fresh snap peas
    • chopped
  • fresh radishes
    • chopped/cubed

  • fresh cilantro
    • chopped
  • Lingham's Ginger Garlic Chilli Sauce
    • this is a new addition to the kitchen. Dan is IN LOVE with this stuff. Too much would be TOO MUCH so I say go sparingly because it's quite sweet. You can always add more.

  • smoked paprika, ground cayenne, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper
    • to taste

 YUM! Ready for your picnic! (you might want to remember to wipe the bowl, though, so it isn't as messy as mine!)

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