Friday, August 12, 2011

Pin Pals Update!

This is a follow up from my original on August 7th  HERE!

I was contacted by Deanna at Pin Pals with an email entitled "bad news"! Never a good sign. Appparently I didn't get an updated template that they are now using! I couldn't just copy and paste my last designs because the template was a lot smaller than this one, so the they would have looked like tiny specks on the pins! I've gone at it again, and because of the bigger space allowed, a bit more of the animals could appear. I did really like the first ones, but I like these ones as much! I lost the dog/wolf (sorry Nicole! ) if only because the lines were so faint. I thought it best that they all looked relatively consistent with each other. I really hope that Moo! Deer's feet don't get cut off on the bottom... but I'm pretty sure it was within the space, and it's already sent!

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