Friday, January 20, 2012

more hamsters and stuff

Just when you thought the hamster mania was over...

There will likely never be an end to it, so you might as well get used to it! See, I was sitting here feeling kind of lost, wanting to do a blog post and not knowing what to talk about. and there they were, my lovely hamsters in front of me. This in turn made me smile, which is the best thing about these hamsters you see, and I decided to take a few quick portraits of their cute faces. I chose them at random and snapped the shots within a few minutes. Not too much thinking on my part, that was half the point. I'm quite fond of the result! Another good thing about the hamsters is they don't complain, and they REALLY like to have their photos taken. They like name suggestions too, but usually decline when pressed to settle on one. 
Well, as for me, I've been essentially in some kind of whacked travel agent world this past few days. My plans to be all things creative got side-lined to try to help organise the nitty-gritty details of my Mom's upcoming trip to Ireland. it's all exciting and wonderful, but there were a lot of details to figure out, and then re-figure out, and they are still being figured out, but at least progress has been made. Essentially this has taken up the hours that I would have otherwise been at work and I have barely touched the yarn that I hoped would be transformed into something pretty (or at the very least funny in its lumpiness). I did manage to work on the smaller granny square for a few more minutes. Here it is with the first one I did so you can see how different the sizes are for the same amount of stitches. Kinda crazy that.

I'm glad I worked on it a little because I was already forgetting how to read the pattern! It's no fun getting over a hump of learning that you already achieved, so I have to make sure that even if I'm not doing a LOT, I'm doing something.

I might have asked this before, but is it wrong that I want to get more hamsters? 

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