Sunday, January 22, 2012


I've managed to put my first original art listing on etsy!  

The photos aren't all that (kind of ridiculous considering I'm a photog-er, but never mind). I think I might actually be shaking a little. Kind of a big step, but seemed like the next logical one. That, and I REALLY enjoyed doing the painting yesterday and look forward to doing more. It felt right, so that's that. Hopefully everyone else will love what I produce, not mock me for switching things about in my shop (and there will be more added to the pot I'm sure as I'm thinking about listing some spare merino wool roving I have, and I might even do a bit more felting). I think the name of the game is this: if it stops me, it's no good. If I judge myself too harshly and overthink every creative step: it's no good. So if I feel like doing ten different things any given week and it looks like I have a confused shop, so be it. I figure that's better than NOT doing anything because I'm worrying about my shop's look or coherency, or whether each little thing will 'come out right'. Things can certainly be adjusted later... and for the mere 20 cent fee, why not?