Thursday, January 26, 2012

early morning paint

Yesterday was my second day of waking up earlier to try to get stuff done before the day job. Sadly, I had no internet when I awoke because we've just changed servers and Dan hadn't figured out how to get it up and working in my room yet. Slightly discouraging with my foggy head first thing in the morning, but then I saw my paints sitting by my computer. I haven't done one of my house-scapes in ages, but without thinking it was what I started to paint. And then, there it was...


 I got a fair bit of it done yesterday, and then added some sky colour etc. this morning. Not sure if it's done yet, 
but probably pretty close if not.

Last night, still no internet until quite late, I played around very quickly with some shapes and colours. I kind of like the result:

 I think this morning business might work out for me. 
Problem is, now I'm out of time and want to keep painting!

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