Monday, February 06, 2012

snow and unexpected upgrade

What can I say about this weekend just past? Well, lots really, but since I have exactly 10 minutes to get this blog post done before making dinner lest I lose another blogging day, here it is in a nutshell:

  • I finish work and walk home Friday night, in relatively good spirits and with the good potential of having a very creative weekend.
  • I turn on my computer to check my emails and catch up with a few blogs before thinking about dinner. Well, I should say, I TRIED to turn on my computer. It wasn't having it. I mean no way, no how. It kind of started to breathe and then did the computer equivalent of having a hyperventilating fit before passing out cold. (Insert PANIC here). Needless to say, the evening didn't pan out quite as expected. 
  • After a night of restless sleep (see aforementioned PANIC), I decided come hell or high water I was going to buy a computer Saturday. Problem was, I really didn't know what to look for. My technical skills with computers isn't great, and when I see lists of specs to weigh against each other I might as well be trying to read Chinese characters. I begged the help of Dan and some good friends who know what it all means (you know who you are!), and as luck would have it, Dan spied a potentially good deal right away on ebay. 
  • The next few hours were spent waiting to see if my offer would be accepted. (This is when I bought this lovely blue vase -- see above right -- at half price while out running some errands).  Long story short: we negotiated a good deal and ended up driving an hour away towards an incoming snow storm to pick up what is now my new (used) IMAC... and I think I'm in love. Interestingly, just when the computer was being sorted out, I also sold my very first original artwork on etsy. Bunny Up a Tree is on its way to a good home today!

  • ENTER SNOW. We were supposed to go over Dan's sister's house for her birthday pub quiz night, but the weather forecast was very foreboding. We decided we shouldn't risk it ... (Dan got caught last year and it took him 5 hours to get back from the very location we were to travel to, so he was understandably a bit skittish).
  • And it definitely hit. We got about 5 inches in the night.

  • Sunday was snow-covered and lovely, really, but driving anywhere was out of the question. So what did we do? After setting up my fancy new computer, we walked into town to run a few errands and make a cheeky visit to the pub. 
  • I thought I hallucinated Bob Dylan on the way out, but realised it was just Dan :)

  • This is the view of the snow covered cathedral from outside our pub visit:

So all in all it was an interesting weekend! All's well that ends well, as they say. My change purse is definitely a bit (read: a LOT) lighter, but now I have a better, faster, more reliable computer that I can feel secure with for several years. Now off to  make that dinner and plot my next move! 


  1. Hurry up, I'm hungry :P
    Yes, a rollercoaster of a weekend but as you said, "all's well that ends well".
    Glad it all worked out. Nothing like a shiny new(old) Mac. ;)
    Oh, many thanks to Jay and Andrew of course :)

  2. Hurray! This has been a very good weekend for you!