Wednesday, February 01, 2012

shapes to come

This is one of those times where I probably wouldn't have done a blog post, as the thoughts in my head are awfully jumbled, and my morning, although having done a lot of things needing doing, wasn't particularly fun. Last night I did this rough outline of some shapes (very housescapey shapes), and in a lot of ways it encompasses how I'm feeling. There's a foundation there, and I'm building on it, but the guts of it are a bit unknown. That's the scary part, but also the fun part. When I look at this outline I now see possibilities. So, without realising it when I started this post, I've just formed a pretty strong visual symbol. I had planned on talking about some other things I've been mulling over today, and I've already erased further evaluations of the shapes and structure above, but I think best now to leave things be.

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